Greece, bridge collapse near Patras. Media: one dead and 2 missing, voices from under the rubble

The death toll from the collapse of a bridge in Greece in the Haradros area, at the entrance to the Patras ring road, is at least one victim, five injured and two missing. The Greek media report it. “We can confirm that the bridge has collapsed. We are operating on site,” said the firefighters. Furthermore, according to the Greek TV Ert, rumors are coming from the rubble of the bridge. Rescuers are also using a drone. The controlled demolition of a section of the entrance structure to the Patras ring road was scheduled for today, but there were five or six people under the bridge, who went there to collect metal. President of Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization Efthymios Lekkas said the accident occurred during the demolition.

The restoration work

Greek television Ert reports that a section of the bridge collapsed in the Haradros area, where construction has been underway for two years. The structure is part of two twin bridges, respectively 167 and 169 meters long in each traffic branch, which however presented problems of structural adequacy. The restoration work began in 2021 at a cost of over 6.5 million euros.