Greece, former minister Varoufakis attacked and injured in Athens

By a group of people with their faces covered

The former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis was attacked and injured in Athens by a group of people with their faces covered. The attack took place last night in the Greek capital: the opposition politician was seen by a group of about 20 people while he was in a restaurant, as reported today by various Greek media. At first, the 61-year-old politician was insulted on the street. Varoufakis then went to the door of the venue, where several hooded men attacked, knocked him to the ground, kicked him and punched him in the face. The former minister suffered a broken nose and was treated in hospital.

“Thanks to our Greek health personnel for treating me. Thank you all for your solidarity. Let’s stay focused: we mourn the 57 victims of the privatization of the railways. We support the spontaneous youth demonstrations, the greatest hope that Greece can change. See you at demonstrations,” Varoufakis himself wrote on Twitter.

As for his attackers, “they weren’t anarchists, leftists, communists or members of any movement. Paid offenders they were,” he wrote, comparing them to “those who clumsily invoked the lie I had sold out to the troika. We won’t let them divide us.”