Greece, the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn excluded from the political elections next May

The Greek judiciary has decided to exclude the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn from the next general elections on May 21st. The decision was taken by the Greek Supreme Court which prohibited the political party founded by a former leader of the neo-Nazi formation, who is serving a heavy prison sentence, from presenting lists. Ilias Kassidiaris, former spokesman for Golden Dawn and leader of the far-right party Les Hellènes, will therefore not be able to stand as a candidate, as he aspired, in the elections to be held in less than three weeks.

Kasidiaris was sentenced in 2020 to 13 years

The Supreme Court ruled that Kasidiaris’ candidacy is contrary to the law which prohibits the participation in elections of those who have been convicted, even with a first instance sentence, of various serious crimes, including that of conspiracy, a crime for which Kasidiaris he was sentenced in 2020 to 13 years. The former leader is currently serving his sentence in Domokos prison, north of Athens. The law referred to by the Court, which in practice expresses itself on the legitimacy of the candidacy of the parties, was voted on 9 February in Parliament, with the aim of excluding Kasidiaris’s “Greeks for the Fatherland” party from the elections , which according to forecasts could have exceeded the barrier threshold.