Green architecture and design, Pefc Italia alongside the Seed Festival

From 24 to 30 April Perugia and Assisi host seven days of reflections

Promote a culture of sustainability by focusing on human as well as urban regeneration and the future of design, architecture and the environment. It is the goal of first edition of the Seed Festival, among the winning projects of the second edition of the Architecture Festival, promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture and scheduled from 24 to 30 April 2023 in Perugia and Assisi. A week of meetings, dialogues, installations and shows to turn the spotlight on the need to re-build a balanced relationship between man, spirituality and the rest of nature in which architects, engineers, urban planners, agronomists and foresters will take part together with artists, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, economists.

In particular, during the appointment of Perugia (from 24 to 28 April) the thematic areas at the center will be: architecture, urban planning, design, territory and life on the planet. For the two days ad Assisi (April 29-30) the focus will instead be on the sense of the sacred in architecture, placing the narrative of spirituality and its places at the dawn of the third millennium at the center of public discussion. The festival is organized by the Guglielmo Giordano Foundation and promoted by the National Institute of Architecture and the Umbrian Foundation for Architecture, with the support of the Umbria Region, the Province of Perugia, the Perugia Foundation, the Municipality of Perugia and the Municipality of Assisi .

To support the work, as an international partner, also Pefc, a body promoting the certification of the good management of the forest heritage. The furniture and construction sectors are in fact among the largest consumers of wood, the raw material par excellence of sustainable development. However, it is increasingly important to enhance certified products and raw materials: uncertified wood could in fact come from the destruction/degradation of forests, which cause 12% of emissions worldwide. For this reason, during Seed, Pefc Italia will bring its experience, its case histories and above all its Forests Are Home campaign, aimed at individual producers and retailers, associations, architects, designers and consumers to promote sustainable procurement in the sectors of furniture and building industry and create works and furnishings using certified raw materials (above all wood, but also cellulosic materials, such as paper, cardboard, fibers for textiles, etc…).

“Man has an ancient and indissoluble bond with the forest and this is why wood is such an important material in construction and above all in furnishings. Focusing on renewable raw materials such as wood means thinking from an eco-design perspective. This is why we are happy to be able to make our contribution to the Seed Festival which puts sustainable living at the center”, declares Antonio Brunori, general secretary of Pefc Italia.

“I am particularly attached to a phrase pronounced by a revolutionary and visionary artist like Joseph Beuys ‘We plant trees, and the trees plant us, because we belong to each other and we must exist together’. That same Nature, with the N capital letter, of which we are experimenting with its controversial aspects of strength and fragility. Respect for nature shows that it is no longer sufficient in itself and opens up to design interpretation by man. The central theme of Seed Design Actions for the future 2023 will be that of human regeneration, a vision that aims to reconcile man with heaven and earth: with his spiritual dimension and with the other forces of nature”, observes Andrea Margaritelli, president of the National Institute of Architecture.