Green cosmetics, the future also passes through digital labels

The results of a Natrue investigation

Making the clearer and more transparent cosmetic labels, with the largest and most readable Inci lists: Qr-Code, Apps and tools to integrate product information can be the solution. This is what emerged from a new survey by Natrue, the international non-profit association that has promoted natural and organic cosmetics since 2007, which analyzed the perception of digital labels by consumers, interviewing a sample of over 2000 people (in France and Germany), heterogeneous in terms of age and sex.

The result highlighted the need to communicate with greater transparency about the ingredients used and to make the cosmetic labels more legible thanks to the integration of additional information through the Qr-Code, websites and brochures available at the point of sale.

In particular, the majority of consumers (49% of Germans and 57% of French) would prefer to read additional product information using apps or other supplementary digital tools. The interviewees then agreed that price and compatibility with the type of skin are the main selection criteria during the purchase phase, followed by the list of ingredients, which ranks third for German consumers and fourth for French consumers. “The trends towards which the natural and organic cosmetics should therefore move are the use of more easily readable labels, both in terms of graphics and content, and the use of digital tools to provide additional information with a view to greater transparency towards consumers, today increasingly attentive to the origin, the quality and composition of the cosmetics they buy “, notes Natrue.

To date, the international Association certifies with its brand over 6500 natural and organic products and works to draw clearer guidelines and to reinforce the legislation on organic and natural cosmetics.

“Surveys are an important tool for us, they help us to draw more defined guidelines to guide the world of cosmetics towards greener horizons in line with consumer expectations. Understanding the needs of buyers and building a relationship based on transparency and trust is fundamental and for this reason at Natrue we try to identify and transmit new trends. The result obtained with our latest survey is interesting because it highlights how a practical application of the technology can become a precious resource to make natural and organic cosmetics even more accessible to consumers ”, commented Mark Smith, Natrue General Manager.