Green economy, eco-investments for 510 thousand companies

Data from the GreenItaly report

In the five-year period 2018-2022, they were 510,830 companies have made eco-investments equal to 35.1% of the total or more than 1 in 3. These are the data from the GreenItaly Report, now in its fourteenth edition, created by the Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere, with the collaboration of the Tagliacarne Study Center and with the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security. Conai, Novamont, Ecopneus, the European Climate Foundation, many organizations and over 40 experts collaborated on the report.

Green Jobs

At the end of last year, professional figures linked to the green economy represented 13.9% of total employed people in Italy, 3,222,000 units. In 2022, the activated contracts of these figures amounted to 1,816,120, 35.1% of the total contracts expected in the year (approximately 5.2 million), with an increase of 215,660 units compared to the previous survey.

Circular economy

Italy leader in the circular economy with a recycling of all municipal and special waste by 83.4% (2022): far higher than that of all the large European economies. A recycling rate more than 30 points higher than the EU average (52.6%) and well above all other large European countries, such as France (64.4%), Germany (70%), Spain (59.8% ).

Realacci: “An Italy moving towards a more human-scale economy”

“On the attempt to deny or diminish the extent of the climate crisis, Pope Francis, with the apostolic exhortation Laudate Deum, said clear words in view of COP28 in Dubai. A crisis – declares Ermete Realacci, president of the Symbola Foundation – closely linked to environmental, economic and social dynamics. We cannot afford the uncertainties with which the implementation of the 2030 Agenda proceeds. Even in some policies of our country. Let’s think about the delay in renewable energy. There are 510 thousand Italian companies that have invested in the green economy in the last five years and there are 3.2 million greenjobs. Accelerating investments in the green transition and renewable energy increases financial stability as shown by studies by the ECB and the Bank of Italy, gives strength to Made in Italy, reduces medium-term costs for families and businesses, strengthens our energy independence . We are a European superpower of the circular economy and this makes us more competitive and capable of the future. In the GreenItaly report we read of an Italy that is moving towards a more human-scale economy that focuses on sustainability, innovation, communities and territories”.

Prete: “Commitment of the Italian production system in the green transition”

“GreenItaly, with its numbers and its business stories – declares Andrea Prete, president of Unioncamere – clearly highlights the commitment of the Italian production system to the green transition. Thanks to a trend of corporate investments in the direction of environmental sustainability which has not stopped even in periods of greatest difficulty, such as those linked to the pandemic crisis and world conflicts, for years we have in fact been among the leading eco countries in Europe. However, our companies are not always put in a position to operate at their best. This is the case of the topic of renewable energy, fundamental for a reduction in our country’s energy imports and for the stabilization of prices, whose growth is often slowed down by bureaucratic obstacles: in 2022, a power from renewable sources equal to 3 was installed GW, compared to 11 in Germany and 6 in Spain, a figure far from the target of around 8-9 GW per year to be installed by 2030”.