Green jobs, the professions of the future

The World Economic Forum also points to the growing demand for ESG skills and sustainability professionals

There sustainability and the green economy are highly topical issues and so is the world of work and professional training they are opening up to new possibilities more in line with the real demands of the current market and the coming years. So, the job of the future is in green jobs that is, those positions related to sustainable development and the protection of the planet in general. And the situation in this sense is changing rapidly. In fact, if on the one hand schools and universities are increasingly focusing on masters and courses dedicated to issues relating to sustainability, on the other the job offer in green jobs is growing exponentially. According to data from Indeed the increase in offers of green jobs in the last three years is equal to 85%. In practice, what happened especially in the first years of the new millennium with professions and training in the IT and digital fields is happening.

The growing demand for ESG skills and sustainability professionals has also recently been underlined by the survey “The Future of Jobs Survey” of the World Economic Forum, conducted between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 on a sample of 800 companies and over 11 million workers. The research outlines the main macro trends in the world of work between now and 2027, emphasizing, among other things, that in the coming years, among the main priorities, the diffusion of ESG standards will be placed in second place and the importance of investments for the green transition. The role of green jobs is therefore central to achieving ESG objectives and in fact there are many companies in different sectors that are looking for professions related to sustainability. In this sense it is interesting to note that according to the data collected by Linkedin, from 2019 to 2022 the annual recruitment rates of green jobs exceed the general recruitment rates. At the same time, in terms of training and professional preparation, the percentage of personnel equipped with green skills has grown from 9% in 2015 to 13% in 2022.

What are the most requested green jobs? According to the ranking “100 Jobs on the risecompiled by Linkedin, in the top ten professions that have developed the most in the last four years, three are related to sustainability, in particular: the sustainability analyst is in second place, the sustainability specialist is fifth, the sustainability manager is in ninth position. In any case all sustainability-related positions are in the top 40 of the 100 most in-demand jobs. If it is true that professionals with ESG skills are sought after in practically all sectors, in two of them in particular the growth should be faster: renewable energy and climate change mitigation.