Green packaging, the advantages of Eco Fit lids

“Packaging has brought incredible benefits from the point of view of transport, conservation and distribution of food. Packaging is an important factor in reducing food waste”. So Luca Nobili, Senior VP Sales & Marketing of Seda International Packaging Group, on the sidelines of the McDonald’s ‘Sustainability Roadshow’, an itinerant project to trace the company’s path towards the ecological transition and the circular economy. The event took place at the headquarters in via Medina, in Naples.

“In addition to this – added Nobili – there are the nutritional aspects that are written on the packaging, let’s think of the traceability of the production lots. In general, there are a number of very important vectors and, above all, the packaging contributes to the reduction of waste”.

“The collaboration with McDonald’s in Italy is a worldwide best practice – underlined Nobili – which is based on a reduction of material that comes from fossil sources compared to a progressive and now almost complete introduction of packaging that comes from renewable sources , recyclable and recycled. The paper packaging comes from certified sustainable forests, think that for every tree cut down, 3 to 5 are replanted”. “The new Eco fit lids – concluded Nobili – meet all the criteria of sustainability, are made of certified paper, allow greater and simpler waste management and have advantages from the point of view of performance. They are, in general, much better than the previous ones.”