Green pass 1 February 2022 shops: where not needed, rules

From hypermarkets to petrol stations, here is the list of activities you can enter without a green certificate

Basic Green Pass increasingly essential. From today 1 February 2022 it is in fact mandatory in many shops but not in all. Is it also needed in banks, post offices and tobacconists, where it is not necessary? From supermarkets to pet shops, the list of ‘exempt’ activities includes those related to the “essential and primary needs of the person”, therefore, “food needs and basic necessities”, “health needs” such as “the supply of drugs and medical devices and health and veterinary structures, as well as “safety requirements” and “justice requirements”.

It will not be necessary to show the basic Green Pass in hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery discount stores, mini markets and other non-specialized stores of various foods, including frozen products, in food and pet products stores.

It is not needed at petrol stations, in sanitary ware, orthopedic and “medicine shops in specialized shops such as pharmacies, parapharmacies and other establishments, for non-prescription drugs”, as well as opticians and heating fuel at domestic use.