Green pass and color Regions, Gelmini: “Do not penalize the vaccinated”

“Reduce validity of green certification? Government ready to intervene if Cts indications”

Covid infections in Italy, mandatory green pass, yellow zone and restrictions. The minister of regional affairs and autonomies, Mariastella Gelmini, talks about it at ’24 Mattino ‘on Radio24. The coronavirus situation “at the moment is not so serious, but the numbers do not make us rest assured because in the last week the infections have increased by 32% – says Gelmini – The campaign was a success and fortunately we have 85% of the population who received two doses, but the unvaccinated weigh“.

“We have worked to keep the country open, if we were forced to change colors and restrictions we cannot penalize those 85% of Italians who have been vaccinated – he continues – We are planning a meeting with the Regions for next week, there will be a political confrontation in the government, today the situation in Italy is better than in other countries, but the number of infections is increasing especially in those Regions where there is a percentage of vaccinated people below the national average “.

“The government is strictly monitoring the numbers – explains Gelmini – e there are currently no new restrictions in sight, if the situation worsens we should take into serious consideration the requests of the Regions “,” I personally believe that the proposal made by the Regions is common sense “.

As for the validity of the Green passat the moment it remains 12 months. The tool is working, our country for once is a model “. On the hypothesis of reducing the validity of green certification,”the government is ready to intervene if there is an opinion from the CTS that should give us indications in this regard“.