Green pass and vaccines, Cacciari blurts out to Otto e Mezzo: “Provocations of mer ..”

Question and answer of the philosopher with De Angelis and Severgnini: “You have called Montagnier stoned, I’m leaving”

Maximum Cacciari show tonight at Otto e Mezzo on La7, with yet another question and answer in the philosopher’s studio. In the sight of the professor this time they end up Alessandro De Angelis and Beppe Severgnini. Cacciari explains in the studio: “The bad news is that infections are growing even among the vaccinated” therefore “the vaccine does not protect in the complete world” and “we must also think of something different” because, if the vaccination were to take place every 6 months, at that point it would be “a therapy like that of the flu vaccine, which however no one has ever dreamed of making mandatory”. “At this point – he adds -, since they have also decided to vaccinate infants, then yes: obligation, obligation, obligation. This is how they take responsibility”.

After the words of the professor Severgnini intervenes: “I feel a great sadness when I hear a person like Cacciari, after all the dead, still make a comparison between the covid and the flu. You have to say that without vaccines it would be a catastrophe, this is not the time to confuse people’s ideas. “

Attention Prof Cacciari to give misleading data – De Angelis increases the dose -. I say two: in Lazio in 2020 1,155 people died in a month, this year 188 “while” 49.1% of hospitalizations and 64.2 of admissions in intensive care took place among those who did not receive any vaccine”. “Did I say the vaccine doesn’t work?”, Replies Cacciari. “Well basically …”, says De Angelis who gets a piqued reply: “Let’s stay calm, come on … I just said that we have to think about a plan B because this vaccine does not work as we hoped and does not solve the problems”.

Then, after a new question and answer with Severgnini on vaccines and scientists cited by the prof, Cacciari blurts out. The Corsera journalist says: “The serious teachers are the ones who answer the questions. You are a philosopher, I am a journalist, look at the publications … “.” I understand – lose my temper -, the scientists are only his and the others are poor stoned! Come on, you called Montagnier a stoner … So I’m silent and don’t talk about this topic anymore, but what’s the matter? “.” Because they are real scientists …. “, Severgnini tries to continue.” But he’s crazy! Look – Cacciari threatens – that you get a complaint to say that those who will be in Turin with me are not real scientists! But be careful, what are you saying?

The new intervention by De Angelis – “I do not know if you consider as true scientists those who have exposed denialist theses or if you consider true the scientists who have compared this situation to the advent of Nazism …” – for Cacciari it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back: “But what a provocation – he says, turning to Lilli Gruber -. Look, I’m going away, if this continues like this and he says I’m with those dressed as deportees I’m going away. If you make such shitty provocations – then he turns to De Angelis – I’m going!“.