Green pass Italy, 9 or 6 months? What Bassetti, Crisanti and Pregliasco say

Bassetti offers a “dynamic” certificate. For Chrysantis better 6 months of validity

Green pass from 12 to 9 months in duration. Or maybe even 6 months. The hypothesis of stringent changes to green certificate, while Italy also has to deal with the rise of infections, is approved in full by the experts. “It ‘properly bring the durations of the Green pass to nine months. The data are telling us cha to one year of double dose coverage does not get it. But the duration of the certificates should be differentiated depending on the various situations: for cured can last six months, for those who have had two doses of vaccine 9 months and who makes the third dose is reasonable to assume that the certificate can lead to a year, as we are told some studies on the duration of the vaccine booster ” says Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa.

“The Green pass should be a dynamic tool.” Everything is always seen as static – says infectious disease Adnkronos Salute – but we are facing a new disease and a new vaccine. Science evolves and we are learning a number of things on the ground. I am glad that there are these changes because it means that the medicine will change. A smart thing – he concludes – would differentiate the Green pass depending on the doses of vaccine made and after illness, in this case, perhaps based on the antibodies you have. “

“A term of the Green Pass to 9 months would be acceptable operational and technical mediation between 12 months, which now are too many, and 6 months of scientific data, indicating a reduction in the effectiveness” of the protection conferred by anti-vaccine Covid , says the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, lecturer at the State University of Milan.

A duration of the certificate “to 6 months could create organizational and management problems,” argues the expert, noting that the Green pass you get vaccinandosi “is not a scientific aspect in the strict sense, but it is something that declares the successful execution “vaccine,” a protective response that still persists over time. ” Because, recalls the virologist, “the protection of the vaccine lasts even after 6 months, it does not go downhill and at 6 months and 2 days you are discovered”. Therefore, to facilitate the feasibility “from the point of view, also of the flooding of the recall systems, 9 months – he reiterates – could be the right mediation”.

“I am in favor of the decision to reduce the validity of the Green pass”, from 12 to 9 months, as is expected in Italy. “It ‘a step in the right direction, because somehow aligns the term” green certificates “to the term of protection” anti-Covid vaccine. “Actually, even 6 months is better”, explains Professor Andrea Crisanti, Which from time it emphasizes the need to reduce the validity of the pass 6 months. In doing so, “at this point the Green pass and protection would be fully aligned,” he concludes the director of the University of Padua Molecular Medicine Department.

“What is needed, irrespective of the various adjustments in progress, a Green pass capable of providing greater guarantees. The risks are not lacking and the balance of our safety has returned to be precarious, even more so if entrusted to a green certificate partially perched on an unlikely pad which, in a phase of wide circulation of the SARS CoV-2, has enormous inaccuracy margins. serves the third dose, and therefore the vaccine, more than the Green pass “, says the immunologist Mauro Minelli, Responsible for the Foundation’s South-Italy for Personalized Medicine.

“On the other hand – he observes – having done from the first moment the choice of utmost caution, can not catch me by surprise the decision to shorten the time of validity of the Green pass, as they are convinced that it itself is not in itself a safe conduct to cross the rugged bare-chested epidemic paths. Only a few days ago I was allowed to speculate, to suggest and even propose to the central decision-makers the opportunity and usefulness of anticipating to 5 months after the second dose of vaccine that call so important to confer a more stable and long-lasting protection “.

“In line with the scientific evidence, and based on the experience gained as a result of epidemiological pressure exerted by the SARS CoV-2 and its mutations – adds Minelli – I can certainly say that the ‘reduction’ of the Green pass is a natural consequence of that reasoning, which aims to strengthen and focus the immune system by vaccination, as is right and normal to be without surrogates or charitable options. that 12 months could be a period rounded up – he said – we had already put on the agenda “.