Green pass shops, not needed in supermarkets: faq Dpcm

You can go into supermarkets to buy any product

Supermarkets can be entered without the Green Pass, even after February 1st, to buy any product. The green certificate from 1 February will be required to enter a series of shops, as established by the latest Dpcm. Entering the supermarket without a green pass will be possible for any type of purchase, not just to put bread, pasta or other primary goods in the trolley, points out Palazzo Chigi with an ad hoc faq on ‘shopping in supermarkets’ published a few hours after the premier’s signature. Mario Draghi to the provision on businesses ‘exempt’ from the basic vaccination passport.

“Can those who access commercial establishments exempt from the so-called green pass provided for in the annex to the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers January 21 2022 purchase any type of goods sold in them? – you ask in the Faq – Yes, access to the aforementioned commercial establishments allow the purchase of any type of goods, even if not linked to the satisfaction of the essential and primary needs identified by the aforementioned decree of the President of the Council of Ministers “.

The Green Pass from February 1st will not be shown for entry to a series of establishments and activities. In addition to supermarkets, exempted hypermarkets, grocery discount stores, mini markets and other non-specialized establishments of various foods, including frozen products, food stores and pet products.

Without the Green Pass, you can access petrol stations, shops for sanitation, orthopedic items and “medicines in specialized stores such as pharmacies, parapharmacies and other businesses, for medicines not subject to medical prescription”, as well as opticians and fuel for domestic heating.