Green pass strengthened, Brunetta: “Best choice”

The minister: “Restrictions only for unvaccinated”

The reinforced green pass in Italy, for the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta is the best choice. “Now, in the face of what is happening in Northern Europe, we have to keep our guard up. How? Changing strategy? Absolutely not. The solution of compulsory vaccines seems the easiest way, but it is not. It is very difficult to make a dent in the hoof. hard of no vax “, he said speaking at the event promoted in Mestre by Forza Italia Venice on the theme” Economy, alliances and territories: the role of Forza Italia.

“What to do then? Continue with strong and responsible choices. The risk – underlines Brunetta – is to return to the line of generalized lockdowns and to chromatism, with the relative levels of limitations. The debate is: we do like in Germany, where however the conditions are more dramatic and problematic, or do we continue with the green pass line, perhaps strengthening it? I prefer the second path, which is the one that is maturing in the government. Without dramatizing, but we must be ready. the restrictions envisaged by chromatism for those who are not vaccinated. The great majority of Italians – concludes Brunetta – agree with this vision “.