Greenpeace Italy launches the green school line

Diaries and notebooks to defend the Planet

A diary and school notebooks for all classes, made in Italy with 100% recycled paper and vegetable inks, for a return to school green. This is Greenpeace Italy’s proposal to inspire young people to defense of nature through the story of over 50 years of environmental campaigns.

“The future is in the hands of our boys and girls: we are happy to accompany them in the most important years of their growth, stimulate them in the search for the beauty of nature, respect for the environment and critical and constructive thinking”, affirms the environmental association. The Greenpeace diary is a collection of original texts and images to travel around the world, from the Amazon to Indonesia, from the big capitals to the most remote places on the planet, with two games for the classroom and a hard cover bound in filorefe.

The proceeds, explains the association, will allow Greenpeace, “which to protect its independence does not accept funding from companies and governments, to carry on with determination its battles for forests and oceans, sustainable agriculture, clean energy. , against climate change and pollution “.