Greetings from Rome, La Russa: “Fdi extraneous. Uncertainty about the crime of apologia for fascism”

The president of the Senate underlines the “total extraneousness” of the main government party to what happened on the occasion of the commemoration of the Acca Larentia massacre. And he asks for “clarity” on the fascist salute as a crime

“I don’t want to go into the merits of this matter” but “I agree with the Honorable Fabio Rampelli, the vice-president of the Chamber, on the total extraneousness of Fratelli d’Italia”. This was said by the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, interviewed by the Corriere della Sera And The Republic, on the case of the Roman greetings at the commemoration of the Acca Larentia massacre. “The fact was sensational and had a lot of visibility, but the party really has no role or responsibility in what happened”, reiterated La Russa, who asks for “clarity” on the issue of the Roman salute as a crime.

“Roman salute as a crime? Let’s clarify things”

“So far there have been conflicting rulings on whether that gesture on the occasion of celebrating deceased people is a crime or not. For some rulings of the Supreme Court it was not a crime, for others yes. I think it is important to clarify from a legal point of view” , says La Russa. “The apology of fascism is one thing, the reconstitution of the fascist party is one thing, the commemoration of the deceased is another”, she continues.

“I await the decision of the Supreme Court”

“I ask this more as a lawyer than as a politician, let’s be clear. The fact that there is uncertainty about how to consider certain gestures in the case of commemorating deceased people does not help resolve the issue and the controversies that arise every time”, underlines the president of the Senate. “I await with interest the scheduled meeting of the United Section of the Court of Cassation on this very point”, he concludes.

“Fdi has nothing to do with it, we must not dissociate ourselves”

One thing is certain, explains La Russa: “We have always told our people (the members of Fdi, ed.) not to participate in certain demonstrations, which are inevitably exploited by those who want to attack us. You don’t go to certain commemorations. We have nothing to do with it, the party has nothing to do with it”. Therefore, he reiterates, “we have nothing to dissociate ourselves from”.