Greta Thunberg on trial in London, the accusations against the climate activist

The trial of Greta Thunberg for breach of public order begins tomorrow February 1st in London. The accusation concerns events that occurred during a demonstration against the energy industry in central London on 17 October: during the protest the twenty-year-old, a symbol of the fight against climate change, was arrested together with other demonstrators. Four of them ended up on trial with her. Both the activist and the four co-defendants pleaded innocent in court last November and were released on bail. If convicted, you risk a fine of up to 2,500 pounds (around 2,870 euros).

The arrest

The event took place during the Energy Intelligence Forum, which for three days brought together the leaders of global oil giants such as TotalEnergies and Shell at the InterContinental Park Lane hotel. A few hundred protesters blocked the entrances to the luxury hotel, near Hyde Park. The London police explained that they had imposed “conditions to avoid inconvenience to the public” during the protest, conditions which were allegedly violated by the demonstrators, resulting in arrests (26 in total). Greta Thunberg had been loaded into a police van. Before your arrest, you had criticized “closed-door” deals between politicians and representatives of the oil and gas industry.

The demonstration

The event was organized by the environmental NGO Fossil Free London which in a statement pointed the finger at the record profits recorded last year by oil & gas companies “reinvested directly in the expansion of fossil fuels, and not in green energy “as was promised. Activists had also criticized the presidency of COP28, the annual United Nations climate conference held in Dubai, entrusted to Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, head of the state oil giant of the United Arab Emirates.