Grey’s Anatomy 19, in the new season the farewell of a beloved character: desperate fans

Grey’s Anatomy 19, shooting of the new season kicks off, but a resounding farewell from a beloved character shocks fans

The filming of the new season of the most followed and compelling medical drama in history is underway. With its nineteenth season, Grey’s Anatomy is ready to return to our screens with other unprecedented twists, and alas, blows to the heart. Would it be time to say goodbye to the series by one of the most beloved characters?

Grey’s Anatomy 19 new season (Credits: Youtube)

With 18 seasons behind him and 400 episodes, Gray’s Anatomythe most followed series of Shonda Rhimes, will debut soon with a new season. The medical drama that focuses on the personal stories of Seattle doctors has conquered audiences all over the world and has in fact become one of the most loved and most followed series ever.

Since 2005 on our screens, since the first (unforgettable) episode went on the air, we couldn’t help but devour, episode by episode, every episode of the television series. Grey’s Anatomy is therefore not only among the most popular TV series but is also one of the longest-running ones. Each season has given us twists that have left us some times with a smile, others with unfortunately a bitter taste in the mouth of those who wanted things to go differently. Derek’s Death (played by Patrick Dempsey) broke the hearts of millions of fans, not to mention the disappearance of Lexie (Chyler Geigh), Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and George O’Malley (Theodore Raymond Knight).

Characters we grew fond of episode after episode. Out of the blue, we had to let them go. Every character who left the medical drama set obviously embarked on other new projects. Will it be the same for another much-loved character who apparently says he is ready to say goodbye to the series after Grey’s Anatomy 19?

Grey’s Anatomy 19, the shooting of the new season has started: resounding goodbye

It would be really difficult to imagine Grey’s Anatomy without her, yet the shocking news that concerns them would have to do with her possible farewell to the hottest medical drama of the 2000s. She has been a pivotal character since the first episode, the backbone of the entire season.

Grey’s Anatomy has consecrated the beloved actress as one of the best known in the entertainment world. Playing a pivotal role in the TV series, she could not be otherwise for the beautiful Ellen Pompeowho as everyone will know is Meredith Gray within the Shonda Rhimes series.

According to what reported by the US weekly, Variety, the actress could have an active role in (of which she will be executive producer) of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy 19 only in the former 8 episodes. After that, the character of Meredith Gray will say goodbye to the series, but not his voice which will remain the narrator. With Meredith Grey’s farewell to Grey’s Anatomy, our hearts are about to break again. What are the reasons for the abandonment by the actress?

grey's anatomy 19
Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Gray (Credits: Youtube)

Because Ellen Pompeo will no longer be Meredith Gray

After 19 seasons, Ellen Pompeo would therefore be about to say goodbye to the beloved television series. There was already some hint some time ago when there was talk of renewal Grey’s Anatomy for other seasons. There, the actress said she was doubtful as she would have liked to devote herself to other projects as well. And in fact, the reason that pushes Ellen Pompeo to put on Meredith Gray’s brilliant surgeon’s gown is precisely what sees the actress committed to a new television series.

We are certainly delighted with the wonderful career of the beloved Ellen Pompeo, however, not seeing Meredith Gray hanging around in Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital anymore will be a real blow to the heart!