Grillo: “Conte specialist in penultimatum”. The former premier: “No differences with him”

“I am pleased that we are here with the press: even Conte is unable to give ultimatums, he is the specialist of the penultimatum”, says the guarantor of the Movement, referring to the story for which the M5s has decided not to go to Rai broadcasts. president of the 5S: communication Grillo not very orthodox

“I am glad that the press is back, that there are journalists. So even Conte, who is a gentleman, cannot give ultimatums, he is one of the greatest penultimatum specialists we have seen. “. This was stated by the founder of the M5s, Beppe Grillo, speaking at the press conference on energy communities, in reference to the story for which the Movement decided not to go to Rai broadcasts.

Conte’s reply

“But is there Rai? If there is no Rai there is no violation”. Giuseppe Conte replies with a joke to those who ask him for the words of Beppe Grillo whom he defined Conte as a “specialist in penultimatum”. “It is not an irreversible decision – adds the former prime minister -. We said we would not go to draw the attention of citizens” to the public service. “Rai is not that we keep it out, absolutely”, he stressed. “Grillo made a joke. We discussed this point. In terms of communication Grillo has a not very orthodox vision, already in the past he has shown that he is not very tied to TV appearances. From this point of view there was no no divergence on what happened “, said Conte.