Grillo: “Freedom and democracy are words that no longer mean anything”

The founder of the 5 Star Movement on social media: “Sustainability? A bluff and Europe without a political concept”

Freedom and democracy, words that no longer mean anything. Sustainability, a bluff. Word of Beppe Grillo, in a video published on his social channels. “Humanity’s greatest discovery is the discovery of ignorance and the more I surround myself with books to show that I am a subspecies of intellectual, the more I understand that I know nothing. But I perceive some ideas: freedom, democracy… these words they no longer mean anything. We hide behind words to which we attribute a meaning that they no longer have. What does freedom mean? Freedom isn’t doing what you want, it’s understanding what you’re doing. Otherwise we are all free like slaves on holiday”, says the M5S Guarantor.

“No one is interested or interested in being free – states the founder of the 5 Star Movement – they are more interested in being followed as consumers than in being free as citizens. Thought is paralysed. In fact, Amnesty International has 3 million members, the Red Cross 100 million: it means – continues Grillo – that we have more interest in security than in rights and freedom“.

The bluff of sustainability

Sustainable Developmentsustainable consumption: it’s a suitcase into which everything is thrown in, a dam, a budget, a plant, a forest, energy… it’s all sustainable. It’s a bluff, it’s a totem, these words mean nothing anymore. From a social point of view – adds Grillo – we are going backwards and so is the economy: we have already eaten up the economy of the future with the economy of the past, with the old ideas of the past. We still talk about pensions and INPS, when the contributions will no longer be there, when we all get older“.

And looking at Europe he asks himself: “There will be some idea to bring to this Europe which really lacks a political concept… We have surrendered a sovereignty to a situation that we no longer understand what it is. What does it mean to be European? We should have an Erasmus for work, a common language…” and “where are finance and capital going? The near future capital will be the inherited one. If there is no distribution, there will always be the same billionaires and their children will inherit.”

“We eat the future with the past. We need new ideas, a European tax reform, to finance an unconditional basic income perhaps with a consumption tax. Are these crazy? Madness is continuing to pretend to have ideas about old and finished concepts”, concludes the M5S guarantor.