Grillo is back in ‘citizenship brigade’ style: “It’s the 9th manhole cover I’ve unplugged today” – Video

The incursion of the M5S founder among the fountains of Rome

“It’s the ninth manhole cover I’ve unplugged since this morning”. Beppe Grillo reappears in a video posted on social media while he is grappling with a ‘big nose’, the typical Roman fountain, intent on releasing its discharge, ‘armed’ with a white plastic stick to uncork the manhole cover and while pulling a flap of the shirt as a kind of balaclava. The reference is to the ‘active citizenship brigades’ to which he appealed from the stage of the M5S demonstration #BastaVitePrecarie, last June 17 in Rome.

“Make the brigades of citizenship, put on the balaclava and secretly go to do the chores, tidy up sidewalks, flower beds, manhole covers. Do the job and run away. React!” Grillo had incited on that occasion. And at his invitation , which had sparked so much controversy due to the use of the term ‘brigades’ and the reference to balaclavas, many responded by posting photos and videos of active citizenship actions on social networks, from cleaning beaches to collecting waste to sidewalks cleared of weeds. And today it’s his turn, grappling with the fountains of Rome, a city where the guarantor of the M5S returned yesterday for two days of meetings.

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