Griner frees, Putin: “Possible new Russia-US prisoner exchanges”

The Russian president after the agreement with Washington: “We do not refuse to continue this work in the future”

New exchanges of prisoners between Russia and the United States are “possible” after yesterday’s one which led to the release of American basketball player Britney Griner, released yesterday from Moscow and returned to the United States today, and of arms dealer Viktor Bout. This was announced by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, quoted by the Tass agency.

The plane that brought Griner back to the United States from Russia landed in Texas, at Kelly Field airport in San Antonio. Arrested last February, the basketball player spent 10 months behind bars. She was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to nine years in prison. In Russia, among others, former marine Paul Whelan is being held, convicted of espionage.

“Other exchanges are possible – anything is possible,” Putin said, according to whom yesterday’s deal was the result of “negotiations” and “compromises”. “We do not refuse to continue this work in the future,” the Russian president said.

“Any country that dares to attack Russia with nuclear weapons ”will be wiped off the face of the earth,” he said. Russia does not intend to launch a preemptive nuclear strike first, but its advanced hypersonic weapons ensure that Russia can respond strongly to any attack.