Grue (P&G Italia): “Fully integrate sustainability into the company’s business model”

“P&G’s contribution to this summit is to share our vision on sustainability and what we are doing to do our part on this very important issue. Sustainability has the goal of improving everyone’s life today and for future generations and companies have a fundamental role: they must be part of the solution to the problem because sustainability must not be seen as a cost, but as an opportunity. To do this, there is a need to fully integrate sustainability into the company’s business model”. This was stated by theCEO of Procter & Gamble Italia, Paolo Grue, speaking at theEuropean Innovation for Sustainability Summit in Rome.

“Above all – he explains – because consumers who choose products don’t just know if a product performs well, but try to understand what’s behind that product. Consumers want to see things done, they don’t just want to be told stories, Therefore story-doing must be combined with story-telling , that is, having a narrative made up of concrete facts and we make them at P&G through three vectors: the first, having a concrete ecological transition plan that touches all the elements of the supply chain and the product life cycle; the second element is to play our part in influencing people to use the products correctly. The P&G Company has the role of informing the consumer about themore virtuous use of the products. We also do it through partnerships, and lastly, like any company, we have to give back to the territory in which we operate by having concrete corporate citizenship actions that help solve the concrete problems of the territory”, concludes Grue.