Gruppo Cap and Assimpredil Ance sign an agreement to promote legality and sustainability

Cap and Assimpredil Ance have long been committed to spreading the culture of legality and sustainability, promoting common initiatives in the field of procurement, governance and in the relationship with partners and stakeholders

Promote legality and business sustainability, prevent the infiltration of public procurement by organized crime, encourage the development of virtuous behavior among industrial partners. Gruppo Cap, the green utility that manages the integrated water service of the metropolitan city of Milan, and Assimpredil Ance, the Association of construction companies of Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza, today signed an “Agreement for the promotion of legality and principles of Sustainability in the Supply Chain”, which aims to apply the Legality Protocol of Ance and the Ministry of the Interior to the entire supply chain and to promote adherence to the “Sustainable Impact Construction Site” Code of conduct promoted by Assimpredil Ance.

“One of Cap’s objectives has always been to actively collaborate with partners to develop a virtuous, sustainable and responsible growth process, explains Yuri Santagostino, president of Gruppo Cap. The agreement we have signed with Assimpredil Ance aims to strengthen the tools that we will be able to implement to prevent the infiltration of crime into public procurement, thanks to greater collaboration with our entire supply chain. It is a further step we are taking on the path to promoting a business culture based on transparency, legality and sustainability. An even more important commitment for us today that we are managing over 100 million in investments in the Pnrr area”.

“Spreading the culture of legality has always been the commitment of Assimpredil Ance, which promotes social quality and inclusiveness objectives within its companies, states Regina De Albertis, president of Assimpredil Ance. The alliance with Gruppo Cap, one of the most important public clients in our area, creates a synergy of actions towards more transparent and sustainable public procurement. In particular, I consider it important to enhance our Sustainable Impact Construction Site Code of Conduct, a voluntary code based on 8 commitments, with increasing levels of action which highlights the company’s social responsibility, the choice of decarbonisation, respect for the environment with a view to of circular economy, the commitment to legality for oneself and for the supply chain. The agreement also strengthens the role of the Legality Protocol between ANCE and the Ministry of the Interior, which sees a direct operational commitment of Assimpredil ANCE in combating criminal infiltration in the construction sector”.

Cap and Assimpredil Ance have long been committed to spreading the culture of legality and sustainability, promoting common initiatives in the field of procurement, governance and in the relationship with partners and stakeholders. Gruppo Cap implements in every sector, including the construction sector, all the controls required by law for the prevention of corruption and the infiltration of organized crime, through the National Anti-Mafia Database and the prefectural white lists. The new Agreement strengthens the adoption of virtuous behaviour, the prevention and fight against criminal infiltration in the construction sector through the promotion of three initiatives carried out by Assimpredil Ance.

The first is the Legality Protocol signed between ANCE and the Ministry of the Interior, which has as its main objective the prevention of mafia infiltration in the construction sector. The second is the “Sustainable Impact Construction Site” Code of Conduct, which commits companies to decarbonisation, environmental protection, legality, regularity of work, safety and social responsibility. The third is the Memorandum of Understanding with the Opera prison administration for the promotion of extramural work activities by individuals in prison, to encourage their social reintegration.

According to the agreement signed with Assimpredil Ance, Cap undertakes to promote and enhance the participation in all these initiatives by the companies with which it collaborates, in particular through its Vendor Rating. This is the algorithm through which CAP manages the rotation of partner companies in the assignment of contracts, which was renewed at the beginning of 2023. Operators who adhere to the Assimpredil Ance Protocols and Code of Conduct will receive an additional score in the Vendor Rating section dedicated, respectively, to Legality, Diversity and Inclusion and Environment. In this way, Cap intends to trigger a virtuous circle capable of involving not only direct partners, but the entire supply chain, therefore including all the actors involved in the contracts stipulated, including subcontracts and subcontracts.

With the signing of the Agreement for the promotion of Legality and the principles of Sustainability in the Supply Chain, the collaboration between Cap Group and Assimpredil Ance continues. Only in the last year, in fact, Cap and Assimpredil Ance, together with the Metropolitan City of Milan, presented the Spugna metropolitan city project, an ambitious plan of redevelopment interventions to prevent flooding, combat soil erosion and the effects of climate change throughout the Milanese hinterland, which involves 90 works in 32 municipalities, for an investment of 50 million of euros in the Pnrr area.

Last year, however, a plan was developed to respond quickly and concretely to the increase in the prices of raw materials and energy, which led to the adoption of extraordinary measures to support partner companies, to preserve continuity of the construction sites and activities of its suppliers, and ensure citizens an essential public service such as water supply.