GTA 6, illustrious returns in the next Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 promises to be the most realistic chapter ever created in the Grand Theft Auto saga, and could arrive as early as 2024

The latest rumors about GTA 6 reveal juicy details that have thrilled fans of the game: according to the latest rumors and leaks, in fact, some features present in previous chapters are about to make their return. GTA 6 promises to be the most realistic chapter ever created in the Grand Theft Auto saga, and among the most interesting innovations is the way in which the player will be able to interact with animals and vice versa. For example, alligators will prey on other animals, including humans. Furthermore, dogs may carry rabies, and if the player is bitten, he will be forced to seek medical attention. But that’s not all: for the first time, the roles are reversed and the player could be robbed and even have his car stolen. In previous games, attacks on the player only occurred during missions or as a result of specific actions, such as hitting another character’s car and triggering their reaction. In the new game, however, you could simply be stopped at a traffic light and a non-player character could steal your car for no apparent reason. And that’s not all: it seems that aliens and even Bigfoot will make their return to the game, bringing with them mysteries and adventures. And, finally, the discussed torture missions will have a second chance. This feature, introduced in Grand Theft Auto 5, caused quite a bit of controversy. Even in a video game of this genre, some players found such missions excessively cruel and not essential to the progression of the plot. We will soon find out if all these anticipations will prove true, given that, according to the words of the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, GTA 6 could be released as early as next year, with a trailer close to the reveal.