Gualtieri da Fiorello plays ‘Waste-to-energy plant’ on Viva Rai2 – Video

The mayor of Rome guest on Fiorello’s morning show

A guitar solo on the notes of ‘Incinerator’, the song by Romaskin, the imaginary band that Fiorello created by bringing together the mayor and former mayors of Rome, which has become one of the catchphrases of ‘Viva Rai2’. Roberto Gualtieri, guest of the second episode of Fiorello’s morning programme, also confirmed that Rome will have a waste-to-energy plant like all European cities have.

In the incipit of the program, the two gave birth to another musical moment. With Gualtieri on guitar Fiorello sang ‘O mia bella Madunina’, a tribute to Milan to be sent to the mayor Beppe Sala, who in a video response assured that he will reciprocate with ‘Roma Capoccia’.

Gualtieri, urged by Fiorello, then assured that there is also a “hole plan” for Rome: “With Anas we are already redoing many kilometers and by the Jubilee we will redo them all”. The meeting with the mayor ended with Fiorello giving Gualtieri the ‘Golden Boar’ and the mayor who reciprocated by giving the showman the ‘Bronze Lupetta’. (images