Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, what you need to know about the special

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Starting November 25, the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special is available on Disney+ which finds the historic characters of the Marvel franchise engaged in a mission to make Christmas unforgettable. Written and directed by James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is a short film of just 40 minutes that invites the audience to prepare for the holidays with Drax, Groot, Mantis, Star Lord, Rocket and a special guest, Kevin Bacon. Waiting for the new film Guardians of the Galaxy – Vol.3 which will arrive at the cinema on May 23, 2023.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special: the plot

Peter Quill seems to live Christmas with a certain nostalgia, also due to the disappearance of Gamora which has left a void that is difficult to fill. His Guardian friends are worried about him and decide to leave to reach Earth where they can get him a Christmas present that will make him feel better. In this adventure they meet the actor Kevin Bacon and kidnap him because he could be the solution. “I wanted it to be as long as the one-hour Christmas specials I loved as a kid (without commercials),” Gunn wrote on Twitter of him.

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

In this short and colorful adventure of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” the main protagonists are Drax and Mantis who leave on a mission for Quill, played respectively by Dave Bautista and Pom Klementieff. Chris Pratt is still Peter Quill / Star Lord, while Groot has the voice of Vin Diesel and Rocket by Bradley Cooper. Obviously there is Kevin Bacon who ironically plays himself, but also Michael Rooker and the band The Old 97’s who offer some musical moments at the beginning and end of the medium-length film.