Guerini: “Self-sufficiency through renewables an indispensable perspective”

The Minister of Defense: “From the first energy community in Turano Lodigiano I wish to spread similar experiences, Lodi district renewable”

“The energy community project that is presented today takes on multiple meanings: the innovative value of this initiative is accompanied by the peculiarity of the context in which it found the conditions to be conceived and implemented. It is the positive demonstration of a sensitivity that belongs so much to local administrations with regard to public opinion and the entrepreneurial reality of the sector, all engaged in the shared search for solutions capable of creating opportunities for sustainable development. Achieving, through renewable sources, self-sufficiency in the production of quantities of energy necessary to meet the needs of a substantial group of users, is an ambitious goal but also an indispensable prospect “. Thus Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini in a message sent on the occasion of the inauguration of the renewable energy community of Turano Lodigiano.

“An objective – continues the minister – which finds in this project a practical confirmation and also an effective example capable of spreading a culture of sustainability and greater awareness on the issue of energy transition. For us Lodi it can only be a reason for satisfaction and of pride that such important and avant-garde initiatives are being carried out in our territory. I would like to express gratitude to those who believed in this perspective and worked hard to make it take shape, hoping that from this first nucleus they can grow and spread more and more similar experiences that make the Lodi area a renewable and sustainable energy district “.