Guido Catalano, a playlist between music and poetry

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Margherita by Riccardo Cocciante

Associated poetry: Out of metaphor

For me Margherita is the most beautiful love song written in the last five hundred years in Italy. No kidding. I think so seriously that I wrote a poem called “Fuor di metafora” and which is a tribute to Riccardo Cocciante and this wonderful song.

Cursed Spring by Loretta Goggi

Associated poetry: Loretta Goggi

It was 1981, I was ten years old and Loretta Goggi came second at the Sanremo Festival. I have wonderful memories of that Festival and “Cursed spring” remains one of my favorite songs in the world. In my latest collection there is a poem called “Loretta Goggi” and it tries to express how much I love that song.

Goodbye Sadness by Dario Brunori

Associated poem: Sadness calls sadness

A few summers ago I was very sad and this song helped me a lot. Then I also wrote a lot of things about sadness. It’s a way like any other to exorcise it.

The soul does not count Zen Circus

Associated poem: Drunk at dawn without cigarettes
Zen are my favorite rock band and they rock live. “L’anima non conta” reminds me of a summer trip to Italy. I went non-stop on an endless tour to read my poems wherever I was allowed and this song accompanied me like a good friend.

I’m a year older than Lucio Battisti

Associated poem: I love you is said to the dog
I love Lucio Battisti and I love “break-up songs”. “I’m a year older” is a great example of this. For my part, I’ve written a lot of “break-up poems”, (PFR). Like “I love you, you say to the dog”.

At the Porta Palazzo market by Gianmaria Testa

Associated poem: Turin goodbye

A beautiful song about my city. I have written little about Turin: only two poems. But all in all I love them quite well.

Come and experience Dente

Associated poem: You are one

Di Dente I love the ability to talk about love ironically and sometimes surreal.

I too try to approach love in this way and in fact Dente and I like each other.

If they cut you into pieces by Fabrizio De Andrè

Associated poem: But how many stations does Genoa have

Another love song of an extraordinary poetic level. For my part, I wrote a poem about the stations of Genoa. I wonder if Fabrizio would have liked her.

You can’t stop smoking by Ricky Gianco

Associated poem: Quit smoking by kissing

I didn’t know this song. It is perfect to combine with the title of the poem that gives its name to my latest book. And by the way, it’s a great song.

Bellamore by Francesco De Gregori

Associated poem: That girl over there

Here, the only thing I feel like saying is that if I were ever reborn I wouldn’t mind being reborn De Gregori.


All associated poems are taken from Quit smoking by kissing (Rizzoli, 2023), except Out of metaphor which is taken from “The woman who yes

kissed with wolves” (Rizzoli, BUR).