Guido Crosetto on Sky 20 years old, Italy “has done a lot on anti-aircraft defense”

The Minister of Defense spoke during the third day of Sky’s 20th anniversary event in Rome. Migrants and the war in Ukraine are at the center: Europe “cannot afford to have a Russian Ukraine”

“I hope that sooner or later the conflict phase can cease and a path can be opened to seek peace”. The meeting with Defense Minister Guido Crosetto on the occasion of Sky’s 20th anniversary in Rome began by talking about Ukraine. The minister commented on the interview aired live with Ukrainian President Zelensky. “At the same time,” he added, “we need to work to support an invaded country, where people have been forced to flee. But we need to find a peaceful solution.” The minister then explained that Europe “cannot afford to have a Russian Ukraine”. (SKY 20 YEARS, THE THIRD DAY – THE GUESTS – THE PROGRAMME)

Crosetto: “Always preserve the Italian defense”

“In Kiev, Minister Tajani spoke about the political choice. When we talk about supplies to Ukraine there are two aspects: a political one and then there is the technical part, to see what we are able to give without endangering the need to always preserve an Italian defense. There is a continuous request from the Ukrainian side for aid, we need to verify what we are able to give compared to what they would need: the availability of the eighth package is there, but for Now it’s just a statement of intent.” Said Crosetto, who added: “Italy has done a lot, it has focused heavily on anti-aircraft defense systems to stop attacks on civil and energy infrastructures, on cities, on schools. The problem is that you don’t have unlimited resources. And from that point of view, Italy has done almost everything it could do, there isn’t much further space.”

Vannacci? “Everyone can nominate whoever they want”

Then a passage also on the migrant issue. For the minister it is crucial “to start from Africa to solve the problem”. And a reference also to the Vannacci case, regarding the opportunity for a majority force to propose the general’s candidacy in the next elections: “In the elections each force can nominate whoever it wants”, commented Crosetto.

Migrant issue

“As I said about another case that was in vogue this summer, when someone has the power to restrict people’s freedom or use force, he must not only be third, he must also appear third, he must appear without prejudice , without preconceptions: this applies to an army general, a policeman and a magistrate. Because if we seem biased we lose trust in the institutions we represent.” This is how the minister commented on the ruling of the Catania court judge who did not validate the detention in a center in Pozzallo for some Tunisian migrants.