Guido Zaccagnini, musicologist and voice of Rai Radio 3, died: he was 70 years old

He was also professor of history of music in Conservatories

The music critic and musicologist Guido Zaccagnini, conductor of many musical programs on Rai Radio 3, died at the age of 70 in Rome, the city where he was born in 1952 and where he lived. The announcement of his death was made with a note on social media by the editorial staff of the radio network: “The Radio 3 community is in mourning. We have lost a friend, an extraordinary man of music. Guido Zaccagnini is no longer with us. missed tonight. Radio 3 will remember him during the day as befits a man who shared his history and greatness for a long time”.

Graduated from the Dams of Bologna with Aldo Clementi and graduated in piano from the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Music in Naples, Zaccagnini taught history of music at the Conservatory of Perugia, at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the Roma Tre University and at the Conservatory of Music of Santa Cecilia in Rome.

He founded and directed the Spettro Sonoro chamber ensemble for ten years, with which he performed and recorded the entire corpus of compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche. Collaborators of newspapers, weeklies and specialized magazines, Zaccagnini has edited and translated the book by Charles Rosen “The Romantic Generation” (Adelphi, 1997) and by Maynard Solomon “On Beethoven” (Einaudi, 1998). He has published a monograph on Berlioz (“Hector en Italie”, Pendragon 2002) and his most recent volume is “A delightful history of music. Insulti, ingiurie, contumelie e altri diversi” (Marsilio, 2022).

His collaboration with Radio Rai began about thirty years ago with the programs “Audiobox” and “Il Paginone” as author and conductor. He also collaborated with Rai News 24 and Rai 5.