“Guns down, wages up”: the march against war and high living costs in Rome

From Piazza della Repubblica to San Giovanni to the cry of ‘Meloni government, government of the masters’

After yesterday’s strike, grassroots trade unionism takes to the streets today in Rome. The procession, promoted by Usb, Si Cobas and dozens of other acronyms against war and cost of livingleft from Piazza della Repubblica to arrive in San Giovanni. The participants, according to sources from the Rome Police Headquarters, are around 6,000.

At the head of the demonstration a truck with the flags of Si Cobas and to follow workers and redundant workers with the banner ‘Against the war and high prices, weapons down on wages’. The demonstrators, who moved to the cry ‘Meloni government, government of the masters’, paraded along viale Einaudi, piazza dei Cinquecento, via Cavour, piazza dell’Esquilino, via Liberiana, piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore, via Merulana, largo Brancaccio, viale Manzoni and via Emanuele Filiberto up to piazza San Giovanni. The departure of the procession was accompanied by some firecrackers and red smoke bombs. A parade workers, unemployed, but also students. Flags and banners for basic income and Naspi, against the war and against the government.

Among the banners at the procession that took to the streets in Rome against the war and the high cost of living there is also a banner dedicated to the anarchist Alfredo Cospito at 41bis. ‘Alfredo out of the 41bis’ written in white letters on a black banner.

Some red smoke bombs were lit by protesters upon arrival in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.

DE MAGISTRIS AT THE PARADE – “Unione Popolare has joined the march of unions based in Rome against the policies of the Meloni government and the neoliberal powers” said the spokesman Luigi de Magistris who took part in the march. “Against war, for economic, environmental and social justice, against the commodification of people and savage privatisations. For betrayed constitutional rights, for public health and public education, against precariousness and outsourcing, for public investments and policies active for public and private work. Against the government’s economic maneuver that affects the poor and middle class and does not even support the companies that produce and create jobs”, comments the former mayor of Naples. “Together to build social opposition and the alternative government, against the system and for the implementation of the anti-fascist Constitution”, concludes de Magistris.