Gymnastics and athlete complaints, Abodi: “Verify facts promptly and transparently”

The Minister of Sport: “No medal will cover misconduct”

“Everything that emerges will have to be evaluated and verified quickly and transparently”. Thus the Minister of Sport and Youth Policies Andrea Abodi in a press conference at the end of the meeting with the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò and that of Federgymnastics (Fgi) Gherardo Tecchi regarding the complaints of some former rhythmic gymnastics athletes in recent days. “I will not go into the technical merits, but the line of rigor and that of trespassing is a fine line. The quality of the technicians serves to mark that border line and if it has been crossed there will be those who will intervene – he stressed – The dimension of the sporting phenomenon it’s important, but I just need one bad case and it’s as if they were a hundred thousand ”.

“Medals are a factor of national pride but there will never be any medal that covers unfair behavior. Everyone in his role is guarantor – Abodi said again – This is not the case, we hope not. We are not preachers of values ​​but we are guarantors ”.

Malagò: “Safeguarding athletes but movement is healthy and respectful of the rules'”

“We are talking about a movement with several hundreds of thousands of members, with the rhythm that represents the flagship of the Italian sports system. Just clarify and verify everything, the protection of the athletes is in first place. But the movement is healthy, serious and respectful of the rules “. Thus the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, during the press conference alongside Minister Abodi and the number one of Federgymnastics, Gherardo Tecchi. “I heard the dt Maccarani to get her opinion, she is a member of the Giunta and represents all the Italian technicians – continued Malagò – She is the most successful coach in the country’s sporting history. Of serious and beautiful people like her. meet a few “. Finally, the president of Coni assured the commitment of the FGI on the subject: “Tecchi is a gentleman of the past and an innovative person. In the national council I spoke about his project, the Safeguarding Officer. Many federations have copied this model, it is the best opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency and speed of the system “.

Tecchi (Fgi): “I believe in girls, I want transparency, our credibility is at stake”

“I believe in what the girls said, I want these things to be sorted out and for the environment to be as clean and transparent as possible. We cannot afford certain things, it depends on the credibility of the federation”, said Gherardo Tecchi for his part. president of Federgymnastics.

“Ours is a very young sport, most of the members are under the age of 18 and we must have particular attention – he stressed – First of all the athlete comes and we have the utmost respect for the athletes. This story will be evaluated by the athletes. competent bodies in a careful and particular way “.