Haber-Frassica-Papaleo-Veronesi poker of ‘Damn my friends’

Until December 30 at the Ambra Jovinelli theater in Rome

Of the film ‘My friends’authentic cult and not for a single generation, this ‘Damn my friends… the return’theatrical proposal on stage until December 30 at theAmbra Jovinelli of Romeretains the youthful freshness, the idiosyncrasies, the good-natured malice, the desire to joke, to tease and make fun of each other, in short, all the ingredients that have made the success of the ‘masterpiece’ work of Mario Monicelli.

Here, in the control room, we have John Veronesiwho is also the author and performer of the show on a par with Alexander Haber, Nino Frassica and Rocco Papaleoto compose a winning poker at the start, which is also added in the final Francis Scaliaccompanied by live music performed by Arturo Valiante on piano, Davide Savarese on drums, Francesco Saverio Capo on bass to form the musical group that Frassica presents with the title of ‘I senza sale’ because, he explains, “all three have the high pressure”.

After the success of the TV show dated 2019, ‘damn my friends’ sees the four actors bring to the theater a format that is halfway between a theatrical performance and a reunion between old adventure companions and which turns out to be a wonderful opportunity to meet the public in a certainly unusual if not extravagant way, between professionalism, flair artistic and playful. And, of course, a lot of gags.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)