Hacker attack all over the world, even Italy affected

The Cybersecurity Agency: “Update the systems”

Massive hacker attack, with thousands of compromised servers all over the world, also affected Italy. The Computer Security Incident Response Team Italy (Csirt-IT) of the National Cybersecurity Agency, Acn, has detected a massive attack using a ransomware already in circulation. The attack – a note explains – targets VMware ESXi servers.

“The first to notice it were the French, probably due to the large number of infections recorded on the systems of some providers in France. Subsequently, the wave of attacks moved to other countries including Italy” informs the Acn , explaining that “there are a few thousand compromised servers all over the world, from European countries such as France – the most affected country – Finland and Italy, up to North America, Canada and the United States”.

In fact, according to the Acn technicians, “with the feeds available, we have already surveyed several dozen national systems that are likely to be compromised and alerted numerous subjects whose systems are exposed but not yet compromised. However, there are still some exposed, uncompromised systems that cannot be traced back to whoever owns them. These are called immediately to update their systems” concludes the note.

THE NOTE OF PALAZZO CHIGI – ”The Government is following closely, updated by the National Cybersecurity Agency, Acn, the developments of the attack which culminated today with a ransomware already circulating in the VMware ESXi servers” reads a note from Palazzo Chigi.

Tomorrow morning at 9, Undersecretary Alfredo Mantovano, delegated authority for cybersecurity, will meet the director of Acn, Roberto Baldoni, and the director of the Information and Security Department, Elisabetta Belloni, at Palazzo Chigi, to discuss first damage report caused by attacks and to confirm the promotion of an adequate protection strategy, which has already been in place for some time. In the past weeks, the need to counter the vulnerabilities of computer systems had been the subject of a report by the president Giorgia Meloni in the Council of Ministers, accompanied by the invitation for a close connection between the institutional structures and Acn.