Haemophilia, ‘Articulate Talks’ today stops in Alessandria

Initiative sponsored by FedEmo with the support of Sobi, joint wellbeing is at the center

Now in its fourth year, ‘Articulate Talks: Articulations? Let’s treat them well!’ today it stops in the city of Alessandria. The last, for 2023, of a series of meetings throughout Italy that invite people with haemophilia to take care of their joint well-being, because now thanks to the right protection, damage to the joints can be avoided for the benefit of a free and quality.

Hemophilia is a rare coagulation disorder which, due to microbleeds especially in the knees, ankles and elbows, can lead to joint problems and a progressive reduction in mobility. In Italy there are over 5 thousand people with haemophilia, of which over 200 in Piedmont. However, through a series of prevention and protection strategies – prophylaxis with a prolonged half-life factor, periodic joint screening and regular physical exercise – it is possible to take care of your joints to reduce the risk of these bleedings and therefore preserve joint well-being .

“We are proud that Alessandria hosts Articoliamo Talks, a precious opportunity for meetings and direct discussions between medical specialists and people with haemophilia, on the topic of joint well-being and the importance of physical activity – states Elena Gaiani, president of Acep Onlus – We are aware that only through information and awareness is it possible to eradicate a preconception that is still alive in the haemophilia community, which sees physical activity as an unsuitable practice for the health of one’s joints”.

During the meeting, adds Gaiani, “there will be the opportunity to learn more about Nordic Walking and listen to the testimonies of people with haemophilia who have been practicing it for some time and have found tangible benefits, not only on a physical level, but also on a social level, with the creation of a close-knit community. In an era in which therapies allow you to lead a peaceful life full of experiences, we trust in an ever-increasing involvement of associations in this education and training path”.

The data – reports a note – now demonstrate that prophylaxis with prolonged half-life clotting factor, if done regularly and personalized to maintain an adequate level of protection even when carrying out physical activity, reduces bleeding and keeps the skeleton and muscles in good condition . Adherence to therapy, in fact, is essential to preserve joint well-being in all phases of life.

“Artiliamo is now recognized as a point of reference on the topic of joint well-being. The patients themselves are leading the debate and discussions with specialists, because only those who live with haemophilia can bring out concrete, daily needs as well as stories of success – underlines Annalisa Adani, VP & GM Sobi Italy, Greece, Malta and Cyprus – The future of haemophilia looks bright, but today we can already count on therapeutic options that allow us to truly live a full life, thanks to correct adherence and protection. As Sobi we can only be proud to be able to make our contribution to this evolution.”