Haiti, the UN approves the sending of an international force to fight criminal gangs

The UN Security Council has approved the resolution authorizing the deployment of international forces in Haiti. The multinational force will operate for a year but may be extended and will assist the Haitian police. The resolution was approved with 13 votes in favor and two abstentions (China and Russia), without any vote against among the 15 members of the Council, which is rare in these recent times of great geopolitical division.

Initial 12 month mission

According to the UN resolution, the “multinational security support mission is created for an initial period of twelve months”, with a reassessment after 9 months. The goal, the document continues, is to “provide operational support to the Haitian police” in the fight against criminal gangs, help protect schools, ports, hospitals and airports and “improve security conditions in Haiti.”

Haiti’s Foreign Minister: “Glimmer of hope”

For the Foreign Minister of the Caribbean nation, Jean Victor Geneus, the decision of the United Nations Security Council represents “an expression of solidarity with people in difficulty”. “It is a glimmer of hope for people who have been suffering the consequences of a difficult political, socioeconomic, security and humanitarian situation for too long,” he added.