Halloween, Google celebrates the holiday with a doodle

Google also celebrates Halloween and does so by celebrating the party of witches, vampires and monsters with an ad hoc doodle, in which birds appear preparing a potion and carving a pumpkin (THE 25 BEST MOVIES TO SEE – THE 20 MOST SPECTRAL PLACES D ‘ITALY). Last year the search engine had dedicated a video game to the anniversary in which they had to face ghosts.

The origins of Halloween

Halloween has a Celtic origin and is celebrated in several countries on the evening of October 31st. The party has spread to the United States during the last century and from there it has conquered many Western countries, especially fascinating the children who during this night knock on the doors of the houses in search of sweets requested with the typical formula “trick or treat?”. The word “Halloween” for some comes from the Scottish “All Hallows ‘Eve” which translated means “All Saints’ Night”, or All Saints ‘Eve. For someone else, however, it derives from the legend of Jack O’ Lantern, condemned by the devil to wander the world at night with a lantern carved out of a pumpkin.