Halloween in Mirabilandia, until November 6 horror and magic for all ages

In the largest amusement park in Italy, themed shows and animations

Zombies, pumpkins, monsters and witches, as well as horror and magic: these are just some of the ingredients of Halloween which in Mirabilandia is now an unmissable event for 13 editions. Extraordinary opening for the largest amusement park in Italy on weekends in October and until early November: 1st, 2nd and Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th.

“We were pioneers 13 years ago in believing in this festival – recalls Riccardo Capo, general manager of the park – extending the season by one month and this was, at the time, a very strong change. And the territory followed us: the accommodation facilities remained open, there was also promotion by the institutions and after these years we can say that Halloween has now become a huge event that this year goes beyond the month of October. Halloween likes – observes Chief – and therefore it is right to offer it for a longer period. We have the strength to have been the first and we want to offer an increasingly avant-garde product every year, so in addition to the extended calendar, lots of entertainment ”, he adds.

“Our Halloween – explains Sabrina Mangia, Director of Sales and Marketing of Mirabilandia – has always had two souls, one for children and families, with little witches and trick-and-treating; and then the ‘Horror Festival’ for the more daring which offers five horror tunnels and, every Saturday in October until late in the evening, two Horror Zones, one called ‘Dead End’ and the other ‘Zero Signal’ which it is a bit like saying ‘leave all hope you who enter’ ”.

A rich offer, therefore, that of the Halloween of Mirabilandia dedicated to the whole family, starting from the little ones: from the surprises of the LaBRIVinto Stregato, a path animated by magical creatures in which it will be easy to lose orientation; to the rainbows of colored flowers of the tunnel the Bridge of Memories to experience enchanted atmospheres. Bizarre characters and waders will be at the center of the brand new show ‘The Witching Time by Teatro del Rumino’.

Magic and lots of music also for ‘Mago ​​Merlino’ and his secrets in the western area of ​​the Park. Another novelty of 2022 is ‘Frankenstein’ which will bring the story of one of the scariest figures ever to the stage in Piazza della Fama! Also new is the show ‘Jack the clown’ with an evil clown with supernatural powers to pay close attention to.

At the Pepsi Theater there is great anticipation for ‘Delirium’, the musical set in a cemetery on Halloween night. And to see ghosts struggling with group therapy, the appointment is with ‘Los Locos Fantasmas’. Also on schedule are ‘Let’s Party’ to dance and sing with the many protagonists of the Nickelodeon world and ‘Hot Wheel City – The new challenge’, the most acclaimed stunt show in Europe.

For the bravest in search of strong emotions, 5 tunnels available: the terrifying descent into the underworld of ‘Malabolgia’, the monstrous creatures of ‘Acid Rain’ always in search of… fresh visitors; the eternal weeping of ‘Llorona’; the sadistic jokes and laughter of ‘Psycho Circus’. To these is added the new entry 2022 ‘The Walking Dead’, the new house of horrors of Mirabilandia set in the main places of the homonymous series: the hospital, the church, the mine, the sanctuary, Del Arno Foods, the landfill and of course Terminus, the final goal.

But the news does not end there: “For our thirty years – announces Sabrina Mangia – we will have the illusionist show ‘Magic: the Dark Side’ in collaboration with the magician Casanova exclusively for the Mirabilandia park. The magic show will be staged for five days – 29, 30, 31 October and 1, 2 November – and the public will be the protagonist of disappearances and levitations, cuts in two or three… without the certainty of being put back in place “.

“For the thirty years of the Park – adds Riccardo Capo – we received the gift of being able to do the whole season until Halloween after two years of difficulty. We registered a turnout beyond the rosiest expectations because the desire to be together and have fun was a very strong desire and therefore we are very satisfied ”, he concludes.