Halloween mode: Trini Neira shows that she is ready with these nails

pamela diaz He is not living an easy situation on a personal level. Although professionally she is always innovating and looking for new projects, she is going through a moment of crisis with her ex-partners since they both owe child support. This was revealed by him recently on his social networks.

“Dear people, I have been leaving BancoEstado, great alimony, after standing in line, paying a lawyer (shows document), we reached an agreement of $290,000 pesos for the first deceased, that pays me for each child, he has not paid me for five months On top of that, I have to go to court…another deceased, he hasn’t seen my daughter for three years and he hasn’t paid the pension for two,” he began by telling Pamela.

Visibly worn by the theme, Diaz He continued: “There is a tremendous void, I really wanted to cry, scream when I left, I say how unfair (…) together I decided to have our children, I could never leave my children thrown away, I invent doing things, you lady works doing one thing two, three and more on top of that we have to be good daughters, mothers, friends and good girlfriends”.

Your oldest daughter, Trini Neira, only left him a simple but forceful “I love you” in the publication, showing him that he is on his side. In turn, the young woman is always up to date with trends, be it eyelashes or nails. For this reason, La Fiera always jokes that she is “all operated on”.

His latest innovation has been the “Halloween Mode” nails, as he has called them. Trinity. They are sculpted in white with red spots simulating blood. Undoubtedly, Manuel Neira’s daughter is more than ready for this coming October 31.