Hamas attack, Israel: “Iran is behind it”

“Double war crimes against civilians”

Hamas terrorists have declared war on Israel“. This was stated by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, underlining that Iran is behind it and that the attack is “a double war crime”, as civilians and “residents of the Gaza Strip are being used as human shields“.

“Hamas terrorists have declared war on Israel, with indiscriminate launching of missiles and rockets against civilians in the south of the country, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and with terrorists infiltrating the population centers of the south to kill families and defenseless civilians”, he notes the ministry, highlighting the salient points of the attack. “The terrorist organizations – it is noted – are an offshoot of the regime of the Ayatollahs of Iran, which intensely promotes terrorist activity in Israel and against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world.”

The attack also “demonstrates once again” that “Hamas is not interested in the safety and well-being of the citizens of the Gaza Strip, and instead sees them as pawns in its efforts to target the citizens of Israel.” . “Terrorist organizations knowingly operate within the civilian population, committing a double war crime: shooting indiscriminately against civilians, using the residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields“, underlines the ministry, pointing out that “it is not the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip who are Israel’s enemies, but the terrorist organizations that knowingly and deliberately operate within population concentrations and in the vicinity of buildings and humanitarian institutions, and make them a cynical use”.

“Hamas is sovereign in the Gaza Strip and is behind this attack, therefore it will assume the consequences and responsibility for the events. Israel will exact the full price from the terrorist organizations and will protect its citizens in every way”, says the Foreign Ministry .