Hamas attack, Moni Ovadia: “Fruit of Israel’s blind policy”

“It is the consequence of a policy of total blindness, occupation and colonization”

“Israel lets things fester, pretending that the Palestinian problem does not exist, to erase the very idea that Palestinians exist; and the international community is complicit: these are the results.” Moni Ovadia, Jewish intellectual, interviewed by AdnKronos, after the premise that “the death of even a single person, be it Israeli or Palestinian, is always a tragedy and must be condemned with all strength”, points the finger at the government’s policy Israeli and Prime Minister Netanyahu, after the missile attack by Hamas and the response announced by Tel Aviv.

“This is the consequence of a policy of total blindness, of occupation and colonization – underlines Ovadia – The Gaza Strip is not a free territory, it is a cage, a can of sardines: it is true that there are no Israelis inside, but they still control the maritime and air borders, the access of goods, energy, water. It is no coincidence that the UN had already declared Gaza a ‘non-inhabitable’ area. The situation is oppressive, I will say more: it is infernal As even the Iliad teaches us, the siege is a form of war… so what? Aren’t they besieged by Israel in Gaza? Then, they deliberately left the Hamas government because for the Israelis the inter-Palestinian rift between Hamas and the PLO-Al Fatah was fundamental.”

One could say that, in a tragic game of roles, Hamas is Netanyahu’s best ally and vice versa… “Exactly, one favors the other – he replies – It is now clear that the Israeli governments do not want a Palestinian state, they want the Palestinians to live like this, not rebelling and not saying a word even when they take away their water or electricity. And the international community – accuses Moni Ovadia – is disgustingly complicit. Now we wait until the hundred Israeli deaths will be answered by killing a thousand of Palestinians, strengthening both Netanyahu and Hamas…”. And how do you get out of it? “There’s no getting around it: the ‘two peoples, two states’ solution is no longer viable due to Israel’s fault, the only right solution would be ‘two peoples, one state’ but it is equally impracticable.”

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)