Hamas attacks Israel, images of incursions and rockets. VIDEO

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The broken fences, the uncontrolled entrances. As seen in a video Reuters, thanks to mechanical shovels, Hamas managed to break through the Israeli barriers in the Gaza strip, easily gaining the upper hand. Shouting “Allah akbar” in the video, Hamas militiamen and ordinary people are seen entering Israeli territory, surrounding a wounded soldier before the ambulance arrives and finally crossing the fence with motorized vehicles. The selection is only partial: in recent hours there are many videos showing different scenes of the attack, published by Hamas itself. As pointed out by Times of Israel, the Islamic organization also released photos showing armed militiamen capturing Israeli soldiers during an attack on a military base on the border with the Gaza Strip. Images that go hand in hand with other clips, where we see Israeli civilians taken hostage by the Palestinians. In this case, however, there is still no official confirmation either from the army or from the political authorities in Jerusalem (LIVE UPDATES).


The first videos showing some images of what is happening in Gaza show how the surprise effect has displaced the Israeli defenses, with the Hamas militiamen capable of gliding practically undisturbed behind enemy lines. An operation that seems to have been studied down to the smallest detail, as also shown by the preparation of the soldiers present in the images who attack the positions present with weapons in hand. However, Israel now seems ready to react, as also shown by the three objectives set during the Council of Ministers urgently convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “We must regain control in the areas where enemy forces have infiltrated, make the enemy pay a enormous cost, even in Gaza, and strengthen the other fronts so that no one makes the mistake of joining this war”, declared the prime minister.

The hostages

What is especially worrying is the situation of the many Israeli hostages. “The Hamas terrorists are still here: we are locked in the protected room and they are trying to force entry,” one of the residents of the Nirim kibbutz, present on the border with Gaza, told Ansa. Same situation also in Ein HaShlosha: “Send the police or troops to help us”, one of the residents told a journalist from Channel 12 TV. The European Union also expressed its opinion in this regard. “The news from civilians taken hostage in their homes or in Gaza are terrible. This is against international law. The hostages must be released immediately,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell wrote in X.