Hamas: “Hostages? They will not return alive if Netanyahu does not accept our conditions”

The ultimatum of the Palestinian terrorist group, which brands as “mere illusion” the hypothesis of exile of its leaders in exchange for a permanent truce in the Strip

The hostages in the hands of Hamas in Gaza “they will not return to their families alive until Netanyahu and the Army commanders accept the conditions” posed by the Palestinian terrorist group, starting with the complete cessation of hostilities in the Strip. This is the position reiterated by Hamas through the mouth of a member of the group’s political office, Osama Hamdanwho also spoke about the genocide proceedings that will open today in The Hague against Israel: “We ask the International Court of Justice not to give in to pressure from the American administration, which is a partner in the continuation of the war against the Palestinian people in the Strip of Gaza”.

“Exile our leaders? Illusion”

For Hamas, “talking about the exit (of the Palestinian factions) of the resistance from the Gaza Strip is a mere illusion”, Hamdan then commented in reference to a proposal circulated in some Israeli media for a agreement that would include the exile of Hamas leaders from the Strip in exchange for a permanent ceasefire.

Israeli broadcaster Channel13 had reported on a Qatar-backed plan that would involve the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip in exchange for the exile of the terrorist group’s leaders and the gradual release of all hostages held in the Palestinian enclave. But Hamdan reiterated that “there will be no initiatives if we don’t talk about the total end of the war”.

Khan Younis, located tunnel where hostages were held

Israeli forces operating in the Khan Yunis area, in the southern Gaza Strip, have meanwhile located a tunnel where the Hamas hostages were held. This was stated by IDF spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, assuring that “we are continuing to operate with determination, above and below ground in Khan Younis. The forces found a tunnel there, where the hostages resided in difficult conditions underground”.

Hamas rapes on 7 October, UN sent to Israel and the West Bank

The United Nations envoy on sexual violence will meanwhile travel to Israel and the West Bank to gather information on allegations of rape committed by Hamas following the October 7 attack. This was announced by the UN, according to which Pramila Patten, who is the special representative of the secretary general on sexual violence in conflicts, will be on a mission at the end of the month.

“She will meet with survivors, witnesses and others affected by sexual violence to identify ways to support them. She also intends to meet with recently released hostages and detainees. She will be accompanied by experts in safe and ethical interviews, forensic evidence, digital analysis and accountability.”

The UN said Patten’s trip was not intended “to be investigative in nature” and his findings would be included in an annual report on sexual violence.