Hamas: “No hostage negotiations”. Netanyahu: “We can’t free them all”

The organization: “We will not negotiate until Israel attacks Gaza.” Prime Minister Netanyahu meets the families of the kidnapped: “We cannot free them all”

“There will be no negotiations until the aggression in Gaza stops”. It is the clear closure of Hamas, in the words of Osama Hamdan, the organization’s representative in Lebanon. The leader points the finger at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “We will hold Netanyahu responsible for the lives” of the hostages held in the Gaza Strip. Hamadan also states that “the US is responsible for the massacres” for “the supply of weapons” to the Jewish state.

”It doesn’t matter how long the war lasts”, the Hamas militiamen ”are ready to support it”, he added, accusing Israel of being ”bloodthirsty”. Stating that ”there will be no prisoner exchange”, that is, no hostages will be released in exchange for Palestinian detainees ”as long as the aggression continues”, Hamdan said that the Israeli objectives in the Gaza Strip. “This is not a sign of victory, but rather a sign of defeat and the fall of Netanyahu’s government,” Hamdan said. The real objective of Netanyahu and his army, added the Hamas leader, is to ”eliminate the Palestinian people and kill the cause”.

Netanyahu: “We cannot free all the hostages”

In the same hours, Netanyahu met with family members of hostages and former hostages. “There is no possibility of bringing everyone home nowcan anyone imagine that if there was the possibility, someone would refuse it?”, the prime minister said, causing tension and anger during the meeting, according to the Times of Israel.

According to Ynet, the prime minister read a speech without answering questions from his family. Present at the meeting was the daughter of Chaim Peri, a 79-year-old hostage: the woman said that the people still detained in Gaza are running out of time and that the return of the hostages should be the government’s priority.

According to estimates from the prime minister’s office, there are still 138 hostages in the Gaza Strip. A person previously considered missing has been added to the list of abductees. However, the Israeli authorities did not want to provide details on the identity of the hostage in question. Prior to the new figure, the Israeli government had reported that among the 137 hostages in Gaza were 20 women and two children.

“We are doing everything to return the hostages,” said IDF Chief of Staff General Herzi Halevi.