Hamburg, armed man barricaded at the airport with his daughter: negotiations underway

The 35-year-old wants to go to Türkiye with the little girl. Police: “Static situation”. The airport was closed and evacuated

Flight operations at the northern German airport of Hamburg remain suspended indefinitely, where a armed man, who yesterday evening violated the security perimeter of the airport by entering the car on the runway, has his 4-year-old daughter hostage. In the background, according to the local police, there was a dispute over the custody of the minor.

The car – reports Bild – is stopped right next to a Turkish Airlines passenger plane, and the man – 35 years old – asks to be taken to Turkey with the little girl. The police negotiated with the father all night, defining at 6:40 in the morning “the situation still static”. There is a special police task force on site. Hamburg airport was completely evacuated.

At 8.12pm, Bild continues, reconstructing what happened, the armed man was spotted by security forces at Helmut Schmidt airport in Hamburg driving an Audi without license plates in front of Terminal 1. After speeding away , the man broke through the north gate with the car, headed towards the planes on the apron and stopped next to a Turkish Airlines passenger plane. According to police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün, quoted by Bild, “the plane was loaded with passengers, but was evacuated”.