Hands off Cain, ‘unimaginable cases like Malcolm X trial in Italy’

Cases similar to that of Malcolm X “there are many in America, starting with those sentenced to death who are then acquitted. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, since 1973 at least 186 people sentenced to death have been wrongly exonerated. added to those who were executed and subsequently found innocent, there are hundreds of cases “. Elisabetta Zamparutti of Hands Off Cain tells Adnkronos, commenting on the news that two men convicted in 1966 for the murder of activist Malcolm X will be exonerated after 55 years because the FBI and the New York Police Department hid evidence that would lead to their acquittal.

“It is an emblematic case of the strengths and weaknesses of the American system. On the one hand, the urgency to find the culprits, also linked to the fact that the prosecutors are elected by the citizens, which can also involve errors in giving public opinion answers immediate, on the other hand, however, an infinite series of appeals that allow for reasons and evidence to be put forward, even belatedly, and which, as in this case, come to recognize the innocence of a person 50 years later “, declares Zamparutti.

“On the other hand, as the hundreds of cases of death row exonerated have shown, the United States is a country that still has the courage to recognize and admit its mistakes. This is unimaginable in Italy where crucial processes in our history do not occur. reopened. I am thinking of that of the Bologna massacre, where new evidence emerged but no examination is allowed in the name of a regime truth that cannot be questioned “, adds the member of Hands Off Cain.