“Happy birthday, dad”, Harry’s best wishes, the best gift for Carlo

Finally the olive branch arrived, brought to the sovereign from afar

Finally the olive branch arrived, brought to Charles from afar, by the dove Harry, in a phone call to the sovereign made from America by the prodigal son Duke of Sussex. The best wishes to the king from his second son are seen as a finally ‘relaxing’ gesture between father and son, who, before yesterday, it seems had not been in contact for at least six months. According to a source who spoke to the Sun, on his 75th birthday, “the king was extremely busy, but he is polite and loves his son and grandchildren, and not so bad as not to take a call on his birthday “.

There is no doubt about Charles’ education and his love for his rebellious son and it is a safe bet that Harry’s wishes were a moment of happiness for the sovereign, especially for the relationship that the two will be able to recover from now on. Although, according to the same source, “there is still a long way to go to mend the rift created over the years and aggravated by the accusations that appear in the Netflix series and in Harry’s book ‘Spare’, which cannot be resolved with a phone call “. Above all, a call from overseas does not completely fill the void left (because he was not invited or because he did not accept the invitation – who is to blame for his absence will never be understood) by the lack of ‘physical’ presence of the son at the party in Clarence House.

Party which, as scheduled, was attended by Charles’ son, heir to the throne, William, together with his wife Kate, in the London home of King Charles and Camilla. The Prince of Wales ate the birthday cake and, as a gift to his father, published some photos of them together on social media. In one of these I am in Klosters in 2005, on a skiing holiday in which Harry was also present, but by choice cut out of the photograph.

In short, if, according to those in the know, it is true that “the king would like nothing more than peace to spread within his family, after stormy years for the monarchy, and seems to be very focused on the future, rather than on what has happened so far”, Prince William only confirms what he would have confessed to some close friends, namely that he sees “no way back” for his relationship with his brother.