Happy Birthday Mimì, a party for Mia Martini. Also on stage are Ermal Meta and Gaia

Saturday 23 September Theater Manzoni of Milan hosted the tenth edition of Happy birthday Mimithe annual event that celebrates the life of Mia Martini. Paolo Li Rosi he directed the Mimì Sara Orchestra accompanying the many artists who took to the stage.

happy birthday mimì, an evening of music and emotions

Federica Bertoni led the appointment opened by Federica Toselliwinner of Professione Cantante, with Baby doll. The first great guest was Leo Gassman that he proposed Dear Lucio and And the sky doesn’t end there outlining one of Mia Martini’s most famous songs with grace and elegance. The third and final song was Third heartpresented in competition at the Sanremo Festival 2023. Then space for Mario Come with Cruel And Fallen from the stars. The artist is done with Minuet: “I chose it because in my opinion men should sing this song. I didn’t change the text because it would have been sacrilegious. We men should empathize more with women.”

Luca Left-handedfinalist of the Mimì Sara award, performed with If you touch methe dancer at his side Christian Stefanelli. Immediately afterwards it was the turn of the Blonde Brotherswinners of the Mimi Sara 2022 award in the over category, with Hymn.

Vincent Adriani, president of the Minuetto Mimì Sara Association, greeted the audience and thanked the artists: “We have reached the tenth year, it’s wonderful. I’m happy because it’s nice to always find many friends and artists who pay homage and carry forward this thought for Mimì. We celebrate life and not death. On August 12, 1993 I promised Mimì that we would create a home and a family and we are keeping this promise.”

Will be Bronziniwinner of the 2022 Mimì Sara Prize, sang How many times. The evening continued with the great talent of AKA 7even which he first proposed It’s not raining anymore and then continue with the song Cu’mme, greeted by long applause from the audience. Closing Me lack.

Gaia he enchanted with Chega and later thrilled with Night: “It was very intense, I asked her to stay close to me and guide me. It was exciting and it’s an honor to be able to celebrate it and it’s nice to let the music live on forever.” The artist then overwhelmed the Manzoni Theater with Ecstasy. What determination, what talent and what energy!

Space to Venus with songs You are water, The construction of a love And Instructions. On stage too Aida CooperMia Martini’s vocalist for 20 years, who sang I’m back, a song written by Mimì. The friend and colleague then proposed Break my heart And men do not change remembering Giuseppe, the artist’s father.

The mayor of Bagnara Calabra surprisingly revealed that Viale delle Rimembranze will be named after Mia Martini. The announcement in the presence of the sisters Leda And Olivia Bertè.

The evening continued with i Coma_Cose which they opened with Flames in the eyes and then move on to Little man And The farewell. Following Ermal Half with Little soul And At least you in the universe: “This song, written in the 70s, remained in the drawer for fifteen years, waiting for a voice and a woman stronger than her. Only Mimì managed to beat this song.”

Federico Zampaglione ended the evening with The description of a moment, For me it is important And The snowfall of ’56: “Written by Franco Califano, the song was from the point of view of a boy who falls in love with a much younger girl. Then those lyrics were written and it’s as if that boy Califano spoke to the girl in Mimi’s song.”