Happy birthday to Anastacia, her most famous songs from “I’m Outta Love” to “Best Days”

Anastacia turns 55 and celebrates with a triumph of success. Born on September 17, 1968, the Chicago singer-songwriter is considered among the most important artists of the third millennium. Over the course of her career she has sold over 50 million records worldwide and has obtained 226 gold and platinum records. With one of her most powerful timbres, the “white girl with a black voice” received the 2009 World Artist Award at the Women’s World Awards as an artist who has influenced the world with her music. From her musical career that began as a backing vocalist to the new single of 2023 Best Days, which entered the top 10 in 25 countries, here are some of his most famous songs to listen to again.

I’m Outta Love

Anastacia’s debut song, I’m Outta Love released in 2000, was a worldwide hit that reached number one in the charts almost all over the world. William Ruhlmann of All Music compares her voice to that of Aretha Franklin, while Michael Paoletta, editor of Billboard describes the song as “a sonic journey that moves and speaks with a spirit all its own.” Elton John, in an interview with BBC, said he thought “she was black when I heard her sing.” “I’m outta love set me free and let me out this misery/Show me the way to get my life again/Cuz you can’t handle me/Said I’m outta love can’t you see/Baby that you gotta set me free, I’m outta love Darling, you have to free me, I’m loveless).

Paid My Dues

Excerpt from the second album Freak of Nature, Paid My Dues is a 2001 song that was used for six months in the advertising campaign for Omnitel in Italy. Like the debut song, this single also climbs the charts and is well received by international critics. Caroline Sullivan del The Guardian he described the song as “so powerful that you are overwhelmed by it”. “I done made it through/Stand on my own two/I paid my dues yeah/Tried to hold me down/You can’t stop me now/I paid my dues/So like I told you/You cannot stop me/I paid my dues yeah (I made it/to be alone/I paid my debt, yeah/I tried to hold back/You can’t stop me now/I paid my debt, yeah)”.

One Day in Your Life

Also One Day in Your Life is part of Anastacia’s second album. For the American market, the song was the first and only extract from the album, while the music video was the first directed by Dave Meyers who had previously worked with Britney Spears and Pink. In various countries the song ranks in the top 10.”One day in your life/Said love would remind you/How could you leave it all behind/One day in your life/It’s gonna find you/With the tears that left me cry /How could you leave it all behind/One day in your life/They will find you/With the tears you made me cry)”.

Why’d You Lie to Me

Always contained in Freak of Naturethere is another very famous song by Anastacia: Why’d You Lie to Me. The single would have been dedicated by the singer to her ex-boyfriend Shawn Woods, the song in fact talks about a betrayal and the request for explanations on the lies that have been told. (Why’d you lie to me?/You’d been creeping, sneaking, sleeping with another/Messed up, it’s time to leave so bye, bye/You used to treat me like a queen/Said I was your everything/Promised me that you would never cheat on me your everything/You promised me that you would never betray me)”.

Left Outside Alone

In 2004, contained in the album Anastaciathe artist posted Left Outside Alone, made after her first breast surgery (the singer has had various health problems over the years including two tumors). The song remained at number one in all the European charts for 15 weeks and marked the transition towards a style with strong rock influences. The song talks about the artist’s difficult relationship with her father who abandoned her after his divorce from her mother. “So much more I have to say/Help me find a way/And I wonder if you know/How it really feels/To be left outside alone you know/How it feels/To be left out alone)”.

I belong to you

In 2006 Anastacia published the Greatest Hits Piece of Dreams whose second excerpt is a duet with Eros Ramazzotti: I belong to you. The song became a great success and reached the top of many European charts with positive reviews from the public and critics. The song has been called one of the most beautiful love ballads ever. (This winter will end/I do truly love you/Outside and inside me/How you make me love you/With its difficulties/And I do truly love you/I belong to you/You belong to me/Forever”).

Best Days

From the eighth studio album Our Songspublished on April 28, 2023, the first excerpt is Best Daysa freely translated cover of the song Tage Wie Diese by the German punk rock band Die Toten Hosen. The text invites us to live in the present and cherish the good moments. “Then just like last time, I look in your eyes/And wordlessly, we move into the crowd/Then in our heartbeat, reach the backstreets/And take the old way to the open ground/That sacred space where we need no permission to feel alive/To where our friends wait to start the party once we arrive/These are the best days/The best days of our lives (Then, just like last time, I look into your eyes/And without saying a word we move between the crowd/Then in our heartbeat, we hit the back roads/And take the old road into the open field/That sacred space where we don’t need any permission to feel alive/Where our friends wait to start the party once we arrive/ These are the best days/The best days of our lives)”.